Film, Television & Theatre

Film, television and theatre industries are dynamic and bring with them very unique requirements and complexities. Our extensive experience in this area means we can assist our clients throughout every area of film and television development, financing, production and distribution informed by a strong practical understanding of the Australian and international film and television industry.

Our clients include film and television production houses, producers, writers, directors, actors, media talent, animators, post production houses, visual effect companies, composers, distributors and many more.

We have strong relationships with Australian and International broadcasters, state and national funding bodies, national and international distributors and international production companies from the UK, Europe, North America and Canada.


Our expertise include:


Television format rights acquisition and agreements, commissioning writers and researchers, commercial negotiation and drafting of option and purchase agreements for scripts or other literary materials, advice and opinions on chain of title, development funding agreements.


Finance agreements, co-production agreements (including treaty co-production agreements), equity investments and debt financing through financial institutions, banks and lending companies.


Producer, director, cast and crew agreements, production and post-production agreements, CGI and animation service agreements, completion bonds, clearances, location agreements, footage licensing, music licensing and composer agreements.


Distribution and sales agency arrangements, format rights sales, agreements for digital service (streaming, subscription, content on-demand and download service) providers; content licencing across national and international services; broadcast deals.


Employment contracts specific to the particular practices and customs of the creative industries including talent agreements, freelance agreements, loan out/lending agreements, union and guild negotiation/awards, agreements incorporating BREA and Fair Work commission standards and workplace agreements in particular regarding confidentiality, use of production photographs/creative content, social media and online content sharing.

Clearances and Defamation

Defamation pre-publication and post-publication; passing off; brand endorsements; talent releases, location clearances and footage and materials licencing.; errors and omission insurance and general advice on risk and risk mitigation in creative projects.


Talent and performers rights, agreements and releases, advice on industry awards.